Blogs About Lymphedema and Lymphatic Disease

Blogs About Lymphedema and Lymphatic Disease

Flourishing with Lymphedema -- a primary lymphedema patient seeks to spread awareness and hope

Graceful Lymphedema -- learning, loving, and laughing with lymphedema.

Life of an Athlete -- maintaining an active lifestyle in the face of primary LE, and the struggle to find care.

Limitless -- a young woman blogs about living with Primary Lymphedema Praecox

L de linfa -- a lymphedema blog from Portugual; written in Portuguese

Lauren, That's Swell -- a blog written by a young woman, dealing with lymphedema, in the UK

Loving life with Lymphedema -- Finding stylish and comfortable pants & shoes with lower extremity lymphedema.

Lymphedema Blog -- a very popular and information-packed blog that is regularly updated by Joachim Zuther, Lymphedema Specialist, also known as "The Lymphedema Guru." The Lymphedema Guru can also be found on Facebook.

Lymphedema Diary -- written by patient and tireless advocate Britta Vander Linden.

Lymphedema Girl -- an ongoing discussion of living with lymphedema.

Lymphedema in the News -- good compilation of news and happenings within the lymphedema community. The writer also tweets at @bluebonnetfield.

Lymphedema Life in Korea -- this is a wonderful blog from Korea; it hasn't been updated in a while and we wish the author would pick up her keyboard again!

Lymphedema Runner -- running with lymphedema; also contains insights into pregnancy with lymphedema.

Lymphedema Sucks -- one woman's stuggles with secondary lymphedema

Lymphfantastic -- a lymphedema blog from Germany; written in German and English.

The Lymphie Life -- wonderful blog and compilation of information about lymphedema, written by a lymphedema patient who has struggled with the disease since infancy.

Lymphie Strong -- an insightful blog on living with lymphedema, written by a strong advocate

My Lymph Node Transplant -- an amazing chronicle of one woman's journey with lymphedema and lymph node transplant surgery.