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Supraclavicular Lymph Node Transfer Photo

Supraclavicular Lymph Node Transfer

David Chang, MD
University of Chicago

Session 4
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My Post-Operative Follow-Up
Session 5
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Physical/Occupational Therapy—The Workhorse of Any Lymphedema Program
Session 6
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Imaging—How I Do It
Session 7
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If I Were Starting a Lymphedema Program Today
Session 8
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Can We Prevent Lymphedema?
Session 9
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Accepted Abstract Presentations
Session 10
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Things You Will Get Asked When Treating Lymphedema
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Sumner Slavin, MD and Dr. Dhruv Singhal, MD
Co-Chairs, the Lymphedema Symposium at BIDMC/Harvard Medical School
Erez Dayan, MD, Chair of the Scientific Program Committee.

Kathleen Shillu, PT, OCS, DPT, Director of the Lymphedema Clinic at BIDMC and Chair of the Physical/Occupational Therapy Program Committee.
Theresa Whiting, Chair of Patient Symposium