Session 1 - Question & Answer

Dr. Singhal & Dr. Chang


Questions addressed in this Q&A:

1. What percentage of patients that come to your office are surgical candidates?

2. Are you CERTAIN air travel is okay?

3. What is insurance reembursement like for hospitals?

4. When will there be more help for lipidema patients?

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Endorsed by: American Society of Reconstructive Surgery

Sumner Slavin, MD and Dr. Dhruv Singhal, MD
Co-Chairs, the Lymphedema Symposium at BIDMC/Harvard Medical School
Erez Dayan, MD, Chair of the Scientific Program Committee.

Kathleen Shillu, PT, OCS, DPT, Director of the Lymphedema Clinic at BIDMC and Chair of the Physical/Occupational Therapy Program Committee.
Theresa Whiting, Chair of Patient Symposium