Resource Downloads

Resource Downloads

• Lymphedema: What You Need to Know—Download

• Lymphatic System: Frequently Asked Questions—Download

• Lymphedema: Frequently Asked Questions—Download

• Lipedema: Frequently Asked Questions—Download

• Ten Reasons to Support LE&RN—Download

• 10 Things I Want My Physician to Know About Lymphedema—Download

• 10 Things My Family and Friends Can Do to Support—Download

• 10 Things I'd Like My Family and Friends to Know About Lymphedema—Download

• 10 Things My Certified Lymphedema Therapist Taught Me About Lymphedema—Download

• 10 Things To Know About Compression Garments for Lymphedema—Download

• 10 Things You Want to Know When You Learn You Have Lymphedema—Download

• What is World Lymphedema Day?—Downloads

• LE&RN's Resource Guide—Download

• LE&RN's International Flyer—Download

• Complete Book, "Let's Talk Lymphoedema"—Download