World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

Awareness Program for Lymphedema Patients for Management and Prevention


Indore Foundation of Oncorehabilitation and Lymphedema (IFORAL) organises an awareness program for improvement of quality of life of lymphedema patients on World Lymphedema Day 2019, in which experts from different medical field will give their guidance.
Dr.Mayank Pancholi (Oncosurgeon)
Dr.Arun Raghuwansi (Surgeon)
Dr.Sanjeev Tripathi(Clinical pshchologist)
Priyank Jain (Physio & Lymphedema Therapist)
T V Gnanasekar (Physio & Lymphedema Therapist)
Subodh Shriwas (Physio & Lymphedema Therapist)
Vinita Jaiswal (Clinical Dietitian)

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