World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

Giornata Mondiale del Linfedema - 6 Marzo / World Lymphedema Day - 6 March

Genova, ITALIA

More available on FB page “Lymphedema - LE Nexus Canada”
Event post: Thank you & Grazie, La Lanterna di Genova. ‘Eccelente’ & great news for the “Lymphedema Community”. From a previous post on Lymphedema - LE Nexus Canada, #illumination is *not* just a light… it is #enlightenment!
#LymphoGWG (Lymphedema - Guerrilla Warrior General) welcomes confirmation received from across the pond in the “Cradle of Lymphology” (Italia), that “Giornata Mondiale del Linfedema – 6 Marzo / World Lymphedema Day – 6 March”, 2020, will be acknowledged & recognized by a tremendous #beacon. La Lanterna (the Lantern) is the main landmark of the city of Genoa (Genova). At a majestic 77 metres height, nestled in this important port city, it is the tallest lighthouse or #beacon in the Mediterranean. According to ancient sources, the first tower was built in 1128, while its present architecture dates to 1543. From firsthand & “lived” – including climbing – experience, #LymphoGWG can attest to the prominence & importance of this iconic structure, which dominates one’s first (& lasting) impression of Genova, when arriving by air or sea.
It has been a #mission of #LymphoGWG for many months to gain the participation of this magnificent landmark to the #LymphoGWG #WLDIllumination2020 / #GMLIlluminazine2020 campaign efforts. As much as another participating structure, #CNTower, dominates its cityscape of Toronto, Canada, #LaLanterna is THE signature structure for Genova, aka “La Superba”!
Dear Friend/Follower/Reader of FB page “Lymphedema - LE Nexus Canada”, rest assured there will be reminders closer to THE day, OUR day, on the annual calendar of the “Lymphedema Community”, but for now #LymphoGWG offers an alert to you, plus a heartfelt message of appreciation to the Communications Management (special shout out to Cristina Chiaiso) of La Lanterna, Genova. True to its motto, Genova is … More Than This! (regardless which of the numerous “this” one sees, hears and/or witnesses)
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(*aquamarine or alzavola might appear for the spectrum colour of teal)
Further tremendous news – La Lanterna has graciously agreed to share its #illumnation / #illuminazione of 6 Mar 2020 across its social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Final note – as with post alerts generated by this page in past year’s for Niagara Falls, CN Tower & other “illuminations”, remote viewing alert is for La Lanterna “live” webcam availability at

If you need more details about this event, email LE&RN: Canada Chapter with collaboration of La Lanterna di Genova at: