World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

International Conference on Contemporary Approach in Breast Cancer & Lymphedema

Rajamundry, India

There is a growing evidence base reporting the psychological and physiological benefits of physiotherapy as a safe and effective adjunct to breast cancer treatment. With the survival rates at an all time high the health professionals must now focus on meeting the unique needs of breast cancer survivors and improve accessibility to specialist services, including Physiotherapy. This educational resource was inspired by the bio-psychosocial model of health care proposed by the World Health Organisation for greater support and services for cancer survivors. Services ideally will be able to deliver physiotherapy interventions to better empower patients in management of their symptoms, side effect of treatment or recovery from surgery. Recent specialist breast care physiotherapy services are now being developed so that physiotherapists are prepared to deliver a high standard of care through such initiatives. Breast cancer related lymphedema is the major complication the survivors have to live with, the main aim is to teach our physiotherapy community to train how to handle the condition as to improve the quality of life for the survivors.

Dr.Rajan Balakrishnan from Sai Institutions together with Mr.T.V.Gnanasekar Grace Physiotherapy & Rehab Center organizes this event in educating the professionals about the care and management of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

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