World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day



Today is the grand opening of the first and only ever lymphatic clinic in Greece. A health centre which provides 24/7 service in-house and home services. The clinic is run by Dr. George S. Koustas MD. Ph.D. T. Fellow of M.G.H Harvard Medical school. He was also trained at the famous lymphatic clinic in Germany at the Feldberg Klinik in Hinterzarten with professor M.Foldi.
We deal with all types of lymphatic problems (primary and secondary lymphedema, Filariasis, Lipedema, Varicose veins and Lymphedema, fastidous edema and static edema)

We have developed a long-term monitoring model for the patients;

The Therapy happens everyday, morning and night, Saturday and Sunday, and at night the doctor or physiotherapist goes to the house of the patient.
The therapy lasts for 4-12 weeks depending on the seriousness of the patients condition.
Lastly, theres the maintenance stage after the 4-12 weeks where we overlook the patient once every month for a year and then once every two months after the first year.
In addition our team consists of;
2 Vascular surgeons
1 Infectious diseases Doctor
3 General Surgeons
4 physiotherapists
1 Dermatologist
1 Nutritionist
1 Psychologist
3 Nurses
1 Podiatrist

We are very passionate about this condition and hope we can give some relief with our services and awareness to our people in Greece and in the world. Our clinic complements a big gap in our country’s battle against lymphedema. And we hope that we can raise as much awareness as we can with this clinic around the world and in Greece. We are very proud to be part of “World Lymphedema Day” and hope to help your organisation get as much recognition as possible.

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Theodore Koustas,
Manager of Lemfos and Aggeioxeirourgiki Athinon

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