World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day
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Municipal Proclamation for “World Lymphedema Day - 6 March”

Bathurst, NB, CANADA

Thank you, #Bathurst (New Brunswick, Canada) for this supportive gesture, which is greatly appreciated by the #LymphedemaCommunity, which - since establishment of “World Lymphedema Day - 6 March 2016” - no longer recognizes national boundaries in its fight vs this chronic, progressive ‘scourge’ for which there is (yet!) no cure. The attached shows the “City of/Ville de Bathurst - PROCLAMATION - World Lymphedema Day / Journee mondiale du lymphoedeme”, plus signing thereof by Mayor Paolo Fongemie, as witnessed by Elaine McArdle. It complements the initial post featuring those gathered for this proclamation presentation - all graciously appreciated.

#MayorFongemie, it is fitting that your proclamation presentation is witnessed & acknowledged by the LE Community (THE Community), which extends beyond the estimated approximately 1,000,000 Canadians who are afflicted with #LE to include spouses (#ElaineMcArdle), extended family members & the limited LE-savvy medical community that supports those living with #lymphedema.

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