World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

Phlebolymphedema. What a phlebologist should not forget?

Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia

Phlebolymphedema. What should a phlebologist not forget?
This is a 2 hour online seminar, free of charge for participants, accredited with continuing medical education points.
From 10.00 to 12.00, our experts will talk about what phlebolymphedema is, about the nature of venous edema, what to do with venous edema after the elimination of varicose veins, a patient with C3 according to the CEAP classification is only a phlebologist’s patient? or also a lymphologist? How to distinguish edema in post-thrombotic disease from classical lymphedema? how to treat it? and much more.
participants can get answers to their questions in the chat.

If you need more details about this event, email Thrombosis School and Dr. Demekhova Marina at: