World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

Second Step Club

Budapest, Hungary

The essence of the Second Step Club is the introduction on Facebook most of all: “If you have found that you have a lymphedema and have successfully overcome it the first treatment, then, took the first step of improvement. Next is the step two: Creating, adopting, and naturalizing the new way of life. In this want to help the Second Step Club. ”
The Club was created in 2012. Over the past nearly 6 years I met hundreds of person with lymphedema concerned and gained new experiences myself. For this thanks to this, the profile of the club is extended to professionals, health professionals various events.
However, the primary goal remained unchanged: to provide a type of assistance that primarily focuses on living with the disease.
Because lymphedema cannot be cured ‘only’, the success of therapy is great depends on the patient’s co-operation, attitude as it is achieved during the treatment to maintain results, there is a change of attitude, a new kind of attention is needed.
The Second Step Club is trying to get as broad as possible in this lifestyle change support. The first step is to successfully overcome the first treatment, and secondly, to return to our everyday lives, to create a new way of life
we incorporate the lessons learned during the therapy.
The club is personally present at the events both through positive examples participants can experience the effectiveness of treatment and just one with a little change in attitude, life is roughly the same as before. The conversations many practical problems can be solved (eg: dressing, skin care, bandage tricks, nutrition, wearing stockings, etc.) or useful topicalities arise (eg: what to look out for during the holiday, what kind of shoes should we wear? etc.).
Most importantly, that the Second Step Club want to mediate, the positive attitude a perseverance, strength and joy of life.
Together with lymphedema!
Although our club event was last Saturday - I have learned about the World Day - yet I would like to join the World Lymphedema Day.
Thank you,
Barbara Dobozi (Leader of Second Step Club)

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