World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day


Winnipeg, Manitoba - CANADA

#SOS4WLD ... “Statement of Support for World Lymphedema Day”, by the Government of Manitoba as part of a Cross-Canada Series for #WLD - 6 March”, 2021!
Full details of this Canada-wide campaign —

This is a welcomed three-peat of recent WLD support from the Capital of Manitoba:
“A Capital Idea!” for WLD2019; “A Capital (& Regal) Idea!” for WLD2020; & now…
#SOS4WLD from the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living & the Government of Manitoba. (Cette proclamation est donné et disponible dans un format bilingue… egalement, en français et en anglais.)

Confirmed by/for LymphoGWG (Lymphedema - Guerrilla Warrior General) & LE&RN: Canada Chapter, Chair.

For more details about this event, please email LymphoGWG at: or FB: Lymphedema - LE Nexus Canada ... where the mission tag line remains:

“Shrinking the Lymphedema World, while Strengthening the Lymphedema Community… upside & down under!”

If you need more details about this event, email LymphoGWG at: