World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

#SOS4WLD #Lucky7 series for “World Lymphedema Day” ~ PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA


#3 in a 7-part series - #SOS4WLD (“Statements of Support for World Lymphedema Day”) ~ see OTTAWA listing on map … — “World Lymphedema Day / Journée Mondiale du Lymphœdème - 6 March / Mars 2022” greeting from the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau.

Good lymphatic health - from Advocate-at-Large, #LymphoGWG
(Lymphedema - Guerrilla Warrior General) plus LE&RN: Canada Chapter, Chair |
FB: Lymphedema - LE Nexus Canada
where the mission tag line remains:
“Shrinking the Lymphedema World, while Strengthening the Lymphedema Community… upside & down under! ”

If you need more details about this event, email LymphoGWG (Lymphedema - Guerrilla Warrior General) | FB: Lymphedema - LE Nexus Canada at: