World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

Let’s Celebrate World Lymphedema Day!

Online, Canada

Let’s Celebrate World Lymphedema Day Together!

Recharge the Spirit that Moves YOU!

March 6, 2024 | 6:30 pm ET
ONLINE | FREE TO ALL for World Lymphedema Day!

So get out there and dance! Nothing can stop you – especially when friends have your back. When you have to wear a compression garment every day, make it a positive statement about your life and health – with color, vitality, openness, excitement. We’re all moving forward in the face of big challenges – you’re doing it in style, with all the people you love, and who love you, dancing with you.

Who should attend: Patients, Therapists and Retailer/Fitters



Kim Gladman, Juzo Canada

Kim was a MLD therapist for 20 years before joining Juzo Canada in 2020. Her expertise in Lymphedema treatment combined with her passion for promoting the benefits of compression garments established her as a leader in her field.

She has published many articles, facilitated seminars for both patients and clinicians and continues to be an active spokesperson and champion for Lymphedema awareness. Kim’s extensive knowledge and dealer experiences as a therapist and certified fitter is a perfect complement to support Juzo’s mission as a market leader in the development and distribution of top-quality lymphedema products.

If you need more details about this event, email Lymphedema Association of Ontario at: