World Lymphedema Day
Diverse crowd celebrating World Lymphedema Day

#Lit4LE Special Tribute Illuminations of Significant Landmarks for World Lymphedema Day

Ottawa, CANADA

#Lit4LE [special tribute illuminations of significant landmarks for “the cause” of the fight versus lymphedema (LE) plus other lymphatic diseases (LDs) & to mark “World Lymphedema (Lymph) Day”]

A “White House”, the home base for Advocate-at-Large for “the cause” of the fight versus Lymphedema (LE) & other lymphatic diseases (LDs), LymphoGWG, in Canada’s Capital, will again be alight in “lymph green” for “World Lymphedema Day / Journée Mondiale du Lymphœdème / Giornata Mondiale del Linfedema - 6.3.2024”… plus throughout the entirety of “Lymphedema Awareness Month” (March).

Coupled with an active, engaged social media presence, also from LymphoGWG at FB “Lymph Nexus Canada”, this Advocate-at-Large will again walk-the-talk for full participation in the companion campaign, #SOS4WLD (“Statements of Support for World Lymphedema Day”),

Advocate-at-Large & LE&RN: Canada Chapter, Chair,
Lymphedema - Guerrilla Warrior General (LymphoGWG) |
FB: Lymph Nexus Canada

If you need more details about this event, email Lymphedema - Guerrilla Warrior General (LymphoGWG) at: