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  • Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman, PT, MA. headshot

    Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman, PT, MA.
    Director of Pacific Therapy Education, Inc

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UPCOMING EVENT with  Prof. Albert Leduc, PhD and Olivier Leduc PT, PhD:

Click here to find more information about the course they are going to teach at Memorial Hospital in Miramar Florida - August 26-27, 2017.


Teaching the research based technique of lymphedema management, called the Leduc Method.

Inital Course Information

Advanced Course Information

Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman, PT, MA created the school of Lymphedema Management using the Leduc Method, to bring a research-based technique of treatment of lymphedema to Physical and Occupational Therapists.  For 10 years Professor Albert Leduc and Professor Olivier Leduc taught lymphedema management in the United States at the School created by Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman.  Then, with their blessing, Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman continued teaching their method in the United States. 

The main guest speaker at our courses is Stanley G. Rockson, MD.  Dr. Rockson is the Director of Lymphatic and Venous Disorders and the Chief of Consultative Cardiology at Stanford University. He is also the Allan and Tina Neill Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine at Stanford University.

The Leduc team: Professor  Albert Leduc, PT,  PhD and Professor Olivier Leduc PT, PhD used lymphoscintigraphy (isotopic lymphography) to show the increase in lymphatic flow generated by their techniques of manual lymph drainage and multi-component bandaging.  They have practiced and still practice fundamental research to further improve their method. Through the European Lymphatic Drainage Network, Professors Albert Leduc & Olivier Leduc teach their method in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain & Switzerland and South America.

Our purpose is to teach Physical and Occupational Therapists as well as Medical Doctors methods for evaluating, treating and educating patients at risk of developing lymphedema or suffering from lymphedema. Emphasis is on prevention and research-based treatment as per the Leduc method.

We are committed to excellence in teaching professionals how to restore, using scientific principles, the health, function, and hope to those patients afflicted with lymphedema.

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