About Us

About Us

LE&RN is committed to educating the public about lymphatic disease and the need for treatment and research. We also host symposiums several times a year in which patients, family members, and the medical community are provided with the opportunity to hear from experts in the field.

The LE&RN Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is designed to support postdoctoral scientists, medical, or research institutions throughout the world. Learn more about the research we do and how it help.

Since LE&RN's founding in 1998, with the help of a committed community of patients, patient advocates, family members, medical professionals, and business leaders, LE&RN has made great strides in lymphatic disease advocacy, including securing ongoing Congressional and National Institutes of Health (NIH) support for lymphatic research and lymphatic diseases, forging alliances with lymphatic disease advocates, and building the infrastructure necessary for meaningful research to be conducted by academics as well as by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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