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Welcome to the LE&RN Resource Center

The LE&RN Resource Center supports you—wherever you are in your lymphatic health journey.

LE&RN recognizes that people living with lymphatic diseases (LDs) face questions related to the care they need. The LE&RN Resource Center can help you navigate a path forward in your lymphatic journey and elevate your knowledge to new heights. Whether you were recently diagnosed or reaching us after decades of searching for answers, please know that you are not alone.

Connect With us

The LE&RN Resource Center is a free and confidential service. Please allow our Patient Services Director three to five business days to respond to your online form or voicemail. If this is a medical emergency in the US, please call 9-1-1 or refer to your local emergency services in your country.

Who We Serve

  • People living with lymphatic diseases (LDs) such as lymphedema (LE), lipedema, and lymphatic anomalies
  • Their families and caretakers
  • Healthcare providers

We Can Help You

Find a treatment center. Your healthcare providers may not specialize in lymphedema, lipedema, lymphatic anomalies, or other lymphatic diseases. You are not alone. This is a challenge that those living with LDs face all over the world. To address this, LE&RN established Centers of Excellence in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphatic Diseases (COE), a geographically diverse network of multidisciplinary clinical care and service centers for individuals and families affected by lymphatic diseases. Today, LE&RN has designated more than 62 Centers globally that have successfully met the rigorous standards created by the field’s leading practitioners.

Find a local certified lymphedema therapist (CLT). We can offer tips on the type of credentials you should look for, and suggest what questions you might ask when selecting a new therapist. You will find several databases that can help you locate a therapist based on your zip code in the US.

Watch complimentary symposiums about lymphatic diseases. The LE&RN Online Symposium Series offers access to a diverse range of presentations by global experts. These are presented via livestream where participants are welcome to ask questions of the presenters.

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The LE&RN Global Registry for Lymphatic Diseases is a confidential database for lymphatic researchers conducting clinical trials to prevent and treat these diseases. By joining the registry, you are providing researchers with invaluable data that is meant to lead to new discoveries and treatments improving the lives of those living with lymphatic disease.

For a comprehensive list of our resources and information, visit or download our LE&RN Resource Guide.

While The LE&RN Resource Center can help you with many questions, there may be instances where certain topics are outside of our scope of services. For example:

The best source for clinical information is your care team. We can refer you to our self-service Ask The Experts volunteer online forum for questions on treatment options your provider may be unable to address. We also have a video library filled with LE&RN’s Online Symposiums where you can learn about the latest research and best practices in lymphatic disease care.

Most medical supplies, such as garments, require a physician’s prescription. We thank you for your generosity and heartfelt gestures to help others, but we are unable to accept those items as donations. LE&RN does not provide financial assistance, garments, or medical supplies.

Since LE&RN is not a medical facility, we cannot offer medical advice, including insurance plan guidance and appeals, nor recommend specific for-profit businesses, products, or services. We can refer you to our LE&RN Virtual Expo, which lists general information and videos.