Lymphatic Research & Biology

Lymphatic Research & Biology

Lymphatic Research and Biology Journal

Lymphatic Research and Biology delivers the latest developments and advances in lymphatic biology and pathology from the world’s leading biomedical investigators. The journal provides original, peer-reviewed research from a broad range of investigative disciplines, including genetics, biochemistry and biophysics, cellular and molecular biology, physiology and pharmacology, anatomy, developmental biology, and pathology.

The journal is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Stanley G. Rockson, MD, Falk Cardiovascular Research Center, Stanford University School of Medicine; Associate Editor Francine Blei, MD, Vascular Birthmark Institute; and other leading investigators. Dr. Rockson is the Allan and Tina Neill Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine, a position funded through LE&RN. Dr. Rockson is also Founding Scientific and Medical Advisor of the LE&RN Scientific Medical Advisory Council.

Lymphatic Research and Biology coverage includes:
·         Vasculogenesis and angiogenesis
·         Genetics of lymphatic disorders
·         Human lymphatic disease, including lymphatic insufficiency and associated vascular anomalies
·         Physiology of intestinal fluid and protein balance
·         Immunosurveillance and immune cell trafficking
·         Tumor biology and metastasis
·         Pharmacology
·         Lymphatic imaging
·         Endothelial and smooth muscle cell biology
·         Inflammation, infection, and autoimmune disease

Audience: Cell biologists, human geneticists, oncologists, surgeons, lymphatic system specialists, and cardiologic and vascular system specialists, among others.

Dr. Rockson is also a co-editor of Lymphedema: A Concise Compendium of Theory and Practice; Lee, Byung-Boong; Bergan, John; Rockson, Stanley G. (Eds.) 2011, XXI, 599 p. 176 illus., 126 in color.​


Key Publications on Lymphatics

This document contains nearly 200 references, and each reference includes a clickable link directly to the article.  This resource was compiled, prepared and provided to us by:
Peter Baluk (University of California San Francisco)
Young-Kwon Hong (University of Southern California)
R. Sathish Srinivasan (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation)
Joseph Rutkowski (Texas A&M University)
Tim Padera (Harvard University)
Pierre-Yves von der Weid (University of Calgary, Canada)