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Celltaxis LLC is a clinical stage company developing the investigational drug Acebilustat.  Acebilustat, is a novel synthetic small molecule leukotriene A4 hydrolase (LTA4H) inhibitor being developed for the treatment of conditions involving dysregulated immune response, such as Lymphedema.
Acebilustat may limit the pathogenesis of Lymphedema and enhance lymphatic repair offering an effective treatment for a debilitating disease currently in need of therapeutic solutions. Acebilustat has been evaluated in several Phase I and II studies for other indications, and has demonstrated a favorable safety, tolerability and PK profile. 

We believe that Acebilustat, a potent immune system modulating investigational drug, when taken orally once a day, may help reduce the inflammatory pathology and abnormal skin thickening of lymphedema. Arm Lymphedema is a debilitating chronic condition that can arise after cancer treatment or after other forms of lymphatic injury or abnormal lymphatic development. It occurs when impaired fluid transport through the lymphatic circulation leads to non-resolving progressive fluid retention, resulting in increasing limb girth, fibrosis, inflammation, abnormal fat deposition and skin changes.
At present, there is no definitive drug treatment for lymphedema. Acebilustat for Arm Lymphedema will be investigated in a clinical trial at Stanford University, a LE&RN-designated Center of Excellence, led by Dr. Stanley G. Rockson.  Updates on this Phase II clinical study are coming soon. Please check back.  

Participation in the Acebilustat Study:
Updates on a Phase II Trial of Acebilustat for the Treatment of Upper Arm Lymphedema (HEAL) are coming soon. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05203835
Please check back.

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