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L&R USA INC. offers a full range of effective compression solutions, from the “gold standard” of bandaging to
the Solaris Collection™ of garments and wraps for self-management.

When you choose L&R products, you can be confident your patients are in good hands with trusted brands like TributeNight™, ReadyWrap®, Tribute® Wrap, and Rosidal® K. Our bandaging range offers the largest variety of products and sizes to best conform to the range of patient shape, size, and tissue needs you see every day.

The Solaris Collection™ — designed by lymphedema therapists through patient feedback — offers a range of products that supports lymphedema treatment from intensive phase all the way through self-management with daytime, nighttime, custom, and off-the-shelf solutions.

L&R USA is passionate about delivering innovative wound care and compression solutions for improved quality of life, as well as top-notch service to support you and your patients in their journey with lymphedema.

Find out more at our web site or email us at inquiries@us.LRmed.com.

Tried and trusted for over 20 years.

Why choose TributeNight™?
TributeNight™ is a custom-made therapeutic foam garment for self-management during the evening, nighttime, and low activity.

It was designed by lymphedema therapists to replace nightly multi-layer bandaging, offering patients an easy solution to maintain their therapy success on their own. Its proven foam technology nestles into the tissue to promote skin health — which is key for lymphedema patients.

Each TributeNight garment is covered, at no extra charge, for the life of the garment by our industry-leading SURE-FIT™ Guarantee. Measuring for custom garments is a combination of art and science, and we want to ensure you are confident in the design and customized fit of each TributeNight.

TributeNight offers customized therapy, incorporating patient needs for style, fit, functionality, and donning preferences in every garment.

Custom Design Center
We offer therapists and fitters direct access to our team
of designers, to lend their expertise in helping design
custom garments for patients from coast to coast.
Available Monday–Friday, 7:00 AM–7:00 PM Central

Clinically-effective and easy-to-use.

Why choose ReadyWrap®?
ReadyWrap® is an off-the-shelf adjustable compression wrap for transitioning out of therapy into self-management during the daytime, nighttime, and high or low activity.

It features low-stretch straps that mimic short-stretch bandaging to provide clinically-effective compression therapy with high working and low resting pressure, all while supporting patient compliance with its unique alternating strapping system which can be donned with a single hand.

The modular design of the ReadyWrap family allows each garment to be worn on its own or in conjunction with other styles.

With ReadyWrap, you can be certain your patients will have an effective and comfortable garment that easily adjusts to their limb and donning abilities.

Tribute® Wrap
The adjustability of ReadyWrap meets the legendary performance of TributeNight.

Why choose Tribute® Wrap?
Tribute® Wrap is an off-the-shelf adjustable foam compression garment for self-management during the evening, nighttime, and low activity.

It’s an innovative garment built with proven foam technology, which nestles into the tissue to promote skin health.1 Each garment is fully adjustable, while comfortably adjusting to your patient’s unique shape and lifestyle. Its adjustability helps patients maintain gains made during therapy, while allowing the flexibility to support further reduction.

Simply pull it on, adjust the straps, and slide on the Sleep Sleeve for a comfortable compression experience.

Affordable alternative to custom flat-knit.

Why choose ExoStrong™?
ExoStrong™ is an off-the-shelf flat-knit gradient compression garment for self-management during the daytime or high activity.

For lymphedema patients, flat-knit garments are one of the primary self-care options. Where circular-knit material can migrate into skin folds, flat-knit helps shape the limb and provides the high containment needed to maintain reductions made in therapy. Additionally, ExoStrong’s soft, breathable design helps support patient compliance.

ExoStrong is a fraction of the cost of custom flat-knit garments, ensuring patients don’t have to choose between an effective maintenance garment and one they can afford.

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