• LymphaTech

A new best practice for clinicians, patients, and compression garment professionals for frequent, accurate measurements to monitor changes in limb volume and circumference. LymphaTech’s system is 99% accurate as validated by published clinical research with lymphedema patients and is trusted by leading clinical institutions that set the standard of care. LymphaTech also partners with compression garment manufacturers to completely digitize the measurement and ordering process, improving fit, reducing remakes/waste, and streamlining the online ordering process with a direct connection to ecommerce platforms.

LymphaTech’s Bluetooth Smart Tape measure integrates with the LymphaTech software to provide a more standardized method of capturing circumference and volume measurements that can be taken at-home, in the clinic, or automatically populate a compression garment order form.

E-mail: info@lymphatechnology.com
Website: www.lymphatechnology.com

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