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LympheDIVAs is dedicated to creating medically correct compression apparel for women and men with lymphedema that will inspire a feeling of beauty, confidence and strength! The medical requirements are obvious, but the emotional aspect of healing is important and often ignored. A positive mindset can often lead to a much better physical response.

Get the assurance that you or your patient are getting the desired compression in our off-the-shelf garments with the Fitter's Aid app. The app can take any patient's measurements and provide a sizing recommendation and approximate pressure ranges in all three of our sizes at each measuring point. Feel comfortable and confident in choosing an off-the-shelf garment with the Fitter's Aid App.

When we engineered our garments, we not only wanted them to be beautiful, but we wanted them to feel great too! Here are some problems we've solved with our stunning state-of-the-art product innovations: 

Problem: Hot and heavy garments that trap moisture between the garment and your body.
Solution: All of our products have moisture wicking technology which pulls sweat away from the body and are fast drying. Additionally, all of our garments are knit with a fine knit replicating a second skin. 

Problem: Stiff garments prevent your arm from moving and stretching, which causes binding between the fingers and at the elbow. 
Solution: All of our products are completely seamless and knit with 360-degree stretch, which allows for a full range of motion. 

Problem: There is no way to tell how much compression you're getting in your off-the-shelf garment. 
Solution: With our Fitter's Aid technology we're able to determine the approximate compression at any measuring point to make sure you're getting the compression you need to manage your swelling effectively. 

Problem: Garments are manufactured in foreign mills using cheap labor and questionable practices. 
Solution: All of our garments have always been and will always continue to be completely manufactured in the United States! 

Problem: When I wear my compression glove or gauntlet with my sleeve, I get an overlap of compression at the wrist. This additional compression disturbs the distribution of graduated compression and can adversely affect my lymphedema. 
Solution: All of our gauntlets and gloves are knit to have little to no compression at the wrist to reduce this risk when worn with an arm sleeve. 

Request a Sample
See and feel the LympheDIVAs difference for yourself by requesting a FREE sample kit. Samples are limited to medical professionals only at this time.

See and feel the LympheDIVAs difference for yourself by requesting a FREE sample kit. Samples are limited to medical professionals only at this time.

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