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At SIGVARIS GROUP, we care about people. Our history and experience with compression products goes back more than 150 years. For almost 60 years, SIGVARIS GROUP medical compression solutions have offered effective and reliable support for vascular conditions. Anywhere, anytime. For everyone.


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Do you have a persistent, asymmetric swelling in one or more of your limbs? Is your affected limb painless, but you feel tightness in it? Are other family members also experiencing swelling of the limbs or did you undergo a cancer treatment or surgery where lymph nodes had to be extracted? If so, your lymphatic system may be compromised, and you may have developed lymphedema. Discover why compression is essential in treatment of lymphedema in the featured links.

Lymphedema in the upper extremity can be particularly challenging. Excess lymphatic fluid in the arm limits function, impacts range of motion, and adds complexity to the simplest of tasks. These challenges directly impact the quality of life for patients. Sigvaris has developed garments for the upper extremity that offer mild to moderate compression, are easy to apply, and include features that offer comfort and improve quality of life.

The Sigvaris portfolio of lymphedema garments includes products that are designed to support the patient from Complete Decongestive Therapy to long term management of lymphedema. The product portfolio includes custom garments for individuals that are outside of the standard size range, as well as ready-to-wear products sized to fit most limbs.

Sigvaris offers a line of custom compression garments for patients who measure outside of the standard size range of the ready-to-wear garments or those with a complex limb shape. These garments are ideal for patients with Stage III lymphedema.

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