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2nd Annual Lymphedema Symposium in Boston, MA

2nd Annual Lymphedema Symposium in Boston, MA

The 2nd annual Lymphedema Symposium, hosted by BIDMC/Harvard Medical School in partnership with LE&RN, will take place in Boston, MA, November 2-3, 2018.

Join world-renowned international faculty to share and discuss the state of the art in lymphedema diagnosis and treatment, with a focus this year on Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema. Building on the success of our 2017 Symposium, we continue to advocate for an interdisciplinary team approach, with the patient as the center.

In addition to the Clinical Symposium, a full-day Patient Symposium will be available on November 3 for patients with all types of lymphedema. 

Consider attending if you are:

  • a Lymphedema therapist interested in learning more about state of the art treatments for chronic lymphedema
  • an Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Breast Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist, or Radiation Oncologist interested in learning about how we prevent one of the most significant cancer survivorship issues in the United States
  • a Radiologist interested in learning more about imaging modalities for lymphedema patients
  • a Plastic Surgeon performing lymphatic procedures or in consideration of developing a program
  • a Patient interested in learning more about lymphedema or meeting other patients with lymphedema