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NYS Supporters: Urge Gov. Cuomo to support lymphatic research

NYS Supporters: Urge Gov. Cuomo to support lymphatic research

Good news. The New York State Assembly (Bill A230-Assemblymember Rosenthal) and New York State Senate (Bill S1058-Senator Golden) have both passed legislation to create "the lymphedema and lymphatic diseases research grants program." The bill now goes to Governor Cuomo for his signature. Support letters from constituents are now critical to the ultimate success of this bill. Once signed, the legislation will provide a mechanism for research grants of up to $50,000 annually being awarded to NYS research institutions.

The governor must hear from supporters by Monday, October 26 at the latest; and the sooner he hears your voice, the better!

If you are a New York State resident, we urge you to contact the Governor today. You will find a sample letter below. Please revise this as you choose. Then, please send your letter via the governor's online contact form at this link: 
You can also call the governor's office at 1-518-474-8390. If it is after-hours, you can leave a message. 

Sample Letter of Support for A230/S1058

The Lymphedema and Lymphatic Diseases Research Grants Program  
Dear Governor Cuomo,
I am writing to request that you sign NYS Assembly bill A230 and NYS Senate bill S1058, establishing "a lymphedema and lymphatic diseases research grants program" and creating "the lymphedema and lymphatic diseases research and education fund."  
It is estimated that up to ten million Americans suffer from lymphedema and lymphatic diseases. In fact, more Americans have these diseases than AIDS, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy and ALS -- combined. Those who suffer from these diseases include cancer survivors, wounded military personnel, and children born with primary lymphedema and lymphatic malformations. The effects of these diseases are lifelong. There are currently few treatments and no cures.  
There is much to learn and this landmark legislation provides New York State researchers the opportunity to dramatically impact our knowledge of these devastating diseases. 
I ask that you sign A230 and S1058 into law and play a dramatic role in changing the course of lymphedema and lymphatic disease.  
[Your name and address]

LE&RN supports this bill on behalf of lymphedema patients and those affected by related disorders. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information on our organization and our efforts on behalf of these patients.