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Dr. Emily Iker Named Vice Chair, LE&RN California Chapter

Dr. Emily Iker Named Vice Chair, LE&RN California Chapter

Dear California LE&RN Members,

My name is Dr. Emily Iker, and I am honored  to introduce myself as the Vice Chairperson of the California Chapter.   

I am personally and professionally involved with all aspects of lymphedema for more than 2 decades. The onset of my secondary lymphedema during the surgical residency changed my journey to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the NYMC.

Upon completion of my residency I moved to Los Angeles, California. Even in California, there was lack of awareness of lymphedema diagnosis and treatments leading me to experiment with different lymphedema modalities on my leg. In 1992, I met Professor Leduc and completed his first lymphedema management course in the U.S.

I learned a tremendous amount from his research and his lymphology colleges studies and devoted my practice to Lymphology. Today, I am the director of Lymphedema Center in Santa Monica, a clinician, diagnostician and leader in management of Lymphedema. Please see my website for more information about my practice.  

I am a member of the International Society of Lymphology (ISL), ESL (European Society of  Lymphology  the National Lymphedema Network (NLN). I received an honorary award from the Czech and Slovak Lymhological Society and completed numerous workshops and lecturers in my homeland Slovakia last year as well as in the Mount St. Mary’s University for DTP program. I have presented and published my work at ISL, ESL and phlebological conferences. I hold a patent and FDA acceptance for compression pump Novopress and compression DM sleeve.  

In addition to treating lymphedema and being a lymphedema patient, I am a happy mother of my miracle 7 year-old twins, Bianca and Marco. I enjoy getting on their level and experiencing life as a kid with them. My motto is, “Embrace life and cherish it every day.”

I have a very busy practice and I enjoy the challenging lymphedema cases. It is troubling to see the lack of lymphedema awareness and treatment availabilitys in health care professionals. My goal is to raise awareness and improve education for all medical professionals, with the desired results of early lymphedema diagnosis and early treatment. 

As Vice Chairperson of the California Chapter, I am organizing the first Walk/Run for Lymphedema in Santa Monica this spring to mirror the annual walk in New York. I look forward to sharing more details as it gets closer. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping to organize this exciting event. 


Emily Iker, M.D.