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Dr. Karina Yaniv thanks LE&RN for research support

Dr. Karina Yaniv thanks LE&RN for research support

"This is the most precious reward we can hope to receive from our research, to be able to change people’s lives.

"Although we are just at the beginning of our research, I truly believe it opens up new avenues of investigation into lymphatic diseases and malformations.

"I keep a warm place for the LE&RN in my heart. As a postdoctoral fellow, I also received support from LE&RN, and now it has helped one of my postdocs. I see this as a mutual long-term commitment, working together towards the same purpose." Dr. Karina Yaniv, lead researcher at the Weizmann Institute, speaking on their recent groundbreaking research and LE&RN's support.

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