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LE&RN Youth Ambassador Emma Detlefsen and LE&RN Spokesperson Kathy Bates meet to fight LE

Watch here for the story of an unstoppable duo -- LE&RN Youth Ambassador Emma Detlefsen (8 years old) and LE&RN Spokesperson and Academy Award-winning actor Kathy Bates.

Shortly after Emma appeared before the New York State legislature in March 2015, inspiring the passage of a lymphedema funding bill that had languished at the Capitol for 12 years, LE&RN Spokesperson Kathy Bates wrote a letter to the young activist, expressing her admiration and her thanks for moving their shared cause forward.

"You accomplished a miracle," Kathy wrote, "simply by touching their hearts." Kathy told Emma that she hoped, one day, they would meet.

That day came in March 2017. Kathy was to be honored at the Research!America Advocacy Awards Dinner in Washington DC, and she invited Emma and her family to attend as her guests. The first meeting of the two LE warriors was caught on video (above), with Kathy quickly admiring Emma's now-famous superhero cape. The two appeared together before a roomful of researchers and scientists the next day.

"Emma and I would like for you to spread the word about lymphedema and to help us recognize how difficult it is for millions to come out of the shadows and even say they have this disease," Kathy told the distinguished audience with Emma at her side. 

"Ten million Americans suffer from LE," Kathy said later in her speech. "That's more than MS, muscular dystrophy, AIDS, Parkinsons, and ALS -- combined. Combined."

Kathy, Emma, and LE&RN Supporting Members are making a difference every day in the fight against LE and lymphatic diseases. Don't let them stand alone. Together, we can change the world. Become a LE&RN Supporting Member today.