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#GivingTuesday #LERNtuesday

#GivingTuesday #LERNtuesday

On Tuesday, December 1, LE&RN will participate in #GivingTuesday, a day set aside for giving back. And on this day, we ask you to support LE&RN. Visit our fundraising page, share our messages on social media, and tell the world that you support lymphedema and lymphatic disease education, research, and advocacy.

2015 is coming to a close and you can be proud of what your support has accomplished:


  • With two research fellowships in progress, we prepare to award up to three more next month, and have sent out applications for two more next year. And one of our funded research projects at the Weizmann Institute announced the monumental breakthrough of growing lymphatic cells in the lab for the first time.
  • To entice the best and brightest into our field, we awarded eleven travel awards to promising young research investigators so they could attend the historic NIH Conference on lymphatics.


  • Addressing the lack of lymphedema therapists in underserved areas, we awarded ten scholarships to therapists preparing for certification in an accredited training school.
  • Knowledge is power and so LE&RN has hosted ten Livestream symposia this year. This free program (thanks to your support) brings the foremost experts in lymphatics to the medical community, patients, and caregivers online.
  • Confused? Troubled? Need help with no one to ask? “Ask the Experts” is an online forum you support that allows anyone to ask questions of our panel of experts.


  • LE&RN and National Spokesperson Kathy Bates went to Capital Hill and met with New York Senator Charles Schumer who accepted the challenge to make lymphatic research and education a national priority.
  • With power in numbers, we are launching Chapters in every State. Four State Chapters have been launched, with four others in development. Each will carry our message to politicians while connecting patients to a support network.
  • This year, California, Texas, and New York all sponsored Walks to Fight Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases-building the community and bringing awareness to our cause.

Join us at We look forward to an amazing year ahead.