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Join the fight against lymphedema and lymphatic diseases

Join these advocates in the fight against lymphedema and lymphatic diseases today. This movement needs YOU.

On March 2, lymphedema and lymphatic disease advocates, led by LE&RN, traveled to the Statehouse in Albany, New York. New York State has been a leader in the fight against lymphedema and lymphatic diseases, led by such champions in the New York State legislature as Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal and Senator Martin J. Golden. In 2016, the State was the first legislative body in the nation and in the world to establish March 6 as World Lymphedema Day.

This year, New York State once again passed a resolution recognizing March 6 as World Lymphedema Day, and honored two New York State lymphatic disease advocates. Actor Steve Guttenberg, whose mother suffers from lymphedema, became a LE&RN Honorary Board member at the 2016 Brooklyn Walk. Nicole Faccio, a LE&RN member who recruited over 50 supporters for her 2016 New York Walk team at the Brooklyn Bridge last September, was born with primary LE (lymphedema) in both legs and in her left arm, which then resulted with the collapse of her lung due to fluid accumulation on the pleura.

These advocates have led an amazing fight to ensure the lymphedema and lymphatic disease sufferers get the attention and funding these diseases deserve. But they cannot do it alone. For just $!8/month, you can become a LE&RN Champion and ensure that this fight can go on -- and that we will have the treatments and cures that are so desperately needed.