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Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, News from LE&RN February 2019

Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, News from LE&RN February 2019

4th annual World Lymphedema Day, March 6

Events all over the world are being posted on as we lead up to the fourth annual World Lymphedema Day, March 6. Check them out, and add your own. The petition to designate “LD Awareness & Cures” as the World Health Day Campaign for WHO has nearly 14,000 signatures. Sign and share the petition today. And consider supporting LE&RN through the World Lymphedema Day Facebook fundraiser or by becoming a Supporting Member.

Register now for D.C. Lobby Day, March 29
and D.C. #LymphWalk, led by Kathy Bates

On Friday, March 29, 2019, LE&RN activists will head to Capitol Hill for D.C. Lobby Day, demanding that more be done to help those struggling with LE and LD. Kathy Bates will lead the charge as she did last year, energizing participants, engaging lawmakers, and making a real difference for the future of these diseases. Don't miss this unique opportunity to join forces with other activists in the fight against LE and LD. Registration is free and easy and closes on March 11! All registrants will receive a discount code for the D.C. Walk & Rally to Fight LE & LD, taking place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the next day, Saturday, March 30.

If you are attending one or both of these events, be sure to RSVP on Facebook (DCLymphLobby and DCLymphWalk) after you have registered, so the world can know you are with us in the fight against LE and LD.


Member Spotlight: Tina Himaya

Tina Himaya has been a supporter of LE&RN since 2010. She is second generation primary LE. Last year she wrote and performed in a cabaret about her struggles with LE. This year she has expanded that show and it will be performed over 3 weeks. She will be honored in Albany on 3/6 for her fundraising and awareness efforts. This is what she said when we asked her to come to Albany:

"I’m beyond humbled and grateful to have the chance to be honored at The NY State Capital for my efforts to raise funding, and awareness for #LymphaticDisease on March 6th, 2019. I can’t thank The Lymphatic Education & Research Network enough for the nomination, and all of the hard work that they do. I can’t imagine being anywhere else on #WorldLymphedemaDay."

Through song and storytelling, Tina finds her voice in WHAT ABOUT US: LIVING WITH LYMPHEDEMA as a person living with Primary Lymphedema. She encourages those who suffer silently from this disease to stand up and make their stories known.


Lymphatic Forum Awards

The Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN) is offering Travel Awards (20 total of $500 US currency) for young investigators who are LE&RN Supporting Members (Ph.D. students, medical students, and postdocs) to defray registration and travel costs associated with attending the Lymphatic Forum 2019 - Exploring the Lymphatic Continuum.

These awards are made possible by a grant from the McDowell Family in honor of their daughter Colette who was born with a rare lung disease called pulmonary lymphangiectasia.

Juzo is generously sponsoring four poster presentation awards (one $1,000 US currency and three $500 US currency) to the best research posters at the upcoming Lymphatic Forum in Austin, May 30-June 1. 


Seeking military personnel with LE potentially related to service in or around "Burn Pits"

LE&RN is fighting to get the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Administration to drastically increase its research and services impacting military personnel. We are making progress, but we need your help. Last year, LE&RN told Congress that over 60,000 military personnel had been exposed to toxic chemicals emanating from the burn pits of Iraq and Afghanistan. Thousands of these veterans were now reporting burn-pit-related ailments such a cancer. LE&RN will bring this issue directly to Congress, CDC, NIH, and VA. If you, or someone you know, is in the military and has been diagnosed with LE that is potentially related to service in the vicinity of the burn pits, we want to hear from you. You can help us make the case that lymphedema research and treatment needs to be a government priority. Call us at (516) 625-9675 or email us at


Lymphedema Seminars

Lymphedema Seminars provides educational seminars to medical professionals (both MDs and therapists) who work with lymphatic and vascular lymphatic diseases. Upcoming seminars in March (Seattle) and April (Baltimore).


CME Seminars for Physicians: Lymphatic-Vascular Disease, Diagnosis & Treatment

LE&RN is proud to present the groundbreaking CME Seminars for Physicians: Lymphatic-Vascular Disease: Diagnosis &Treatment, developed in association with Lymphedema Seminars. These courses are an exciting and convenient on-line educational portal for physicians for understanding the interplay of the lymphatic and vascular systems as related to patient health. Both Level 1 and Level 2 are offered together for just $99, and signing up on-line is quick and easy. 


Vanderbilt University LE/LI Study

Volunteers are needed for a lymphedema and lipedema research study at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. They are enrolling women who have lymphedema in a leg following cancer treatment and are comfortable in an MRI scanner. This research study is funded in part by grant support from the Lymphatic Education & Research Network and the Lipedema Foundation. For more information, visit LE&RN's website.


BIDMC Acupuncture for Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema Study in Boston

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA, are conducting a study to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of acupuncture for patients with breast cancer-related lymphedema. You may be eligible for this study if you have a single arm affected by lymphedema following breast cancer treatment. More details and contact information are available on LE&RN's website.


University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema Treatment Study

Researchers at UCSF are conducting a study to learn if treatment with a negative pressure massage device (LymphaTouch) is effective, compared to manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage, at improving swelling, skin condition, and movement in the arms of women with lymphedema. Details can be found on LE&RN's website.


Visit LE&RN's Virtual Expo

LE&RN's Virtual Expo brings together companies that offer products and services to the lymphedema, lipedema, and lymphatic disease communities. These companies offer videos on a variety of topics. Check out LE&RN'S Virtual Expo today.