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Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, March 2021

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March 2021

From William Repicci, President & CEO

March was a bellwether month that included the premiere of the one-act play "Let's Talk Lymphedema" as part of LE&RN’s Virtual Global World Lymphedema Day Celebration on March 6. Over 1,000 people joined the event from the USA to Australia, Russia to Canada, and Croatia to India. This marked the first time LE was the focus of a theatrical production and I truly have to thank the creative team, panel leaders, and Juzo for their contributions to this gift to the community.

National Action Week, focusing our year-long advocacy efforts, had over 100 advocates pledge to reach out to their representatives in Washington. If you volunteered for this effort, we thank you. You are making a difference. Please be sure to email us at and let us know how your conversations with Congressional offices went. We will be following up with all offices.

The first-ever Global Virtual Run/Walk to Fight Lymphatic Diseases is in full swing leading up to an online global celebration on April 17. Please don't sit this one out. Sign up today for what is shaping up to be our most successful #LymphWalk ever.

Centers of Excellence continue to grow with 25 approved CoEs and 20 new institutions having been recently invited to submit full applications.

As always, we thank LE&RN’s 2021 Corporate Sponsors as well as Supporting Members. Our progress would not be possible without their support.

I am pleased to present the March edition of Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters.


Sign up NOW for the Global Virtual Run/Walk to Fight Lymphatic Diseases, Saturday, April 17

LE&RN #LymphWalks, traditionally held around the country, went all virtual this year and they went global. This has resulted in one of the most successful efforts ever, with over $70K of our $250K goal already raised. LE&RN Honorary Board Member and actor Steve Guttenberg will serve as our emcee for the April 17 celebration.

Sign up, form a team, raise funds, run or walk at the location of your choice between now and April 17. Then join the community online for a global celebration that will include honoring this year's heroes for the cause (see a complete list of honorees at and thanking the sponsors who have made this year's #LymphWalk possible. 

And from April 1 through April 2, take advantage of the Grow Your Total Challenge! The first five teams to raise $1,000 during that two-day period will have a matching $1,000 added to their team total!

Register now for our Global Virtual LymphWalk

World Lymphedema Day 2021

On our sixth World Lymphedema Day, LE&RN produced the premiere of Brian Daniel’s play, “Let’s Talk Lymphedema.” It was the first time LE was thrust center stage in a dramatic presentation. LE&RN established WLD to focus a global response and maximize its impact. In 2021, there is no doubt that the event has succeeded in galvanizing this movement. Visit the World Lymphedema Day website and photo-page of events to see the myriad of activities this day inspired across the globe
Visit the World Lymphedema Day webpage

National Action Week 2021, March 22-26

Nearly 100 LE&RN activists pledged to make phone calls and send emails to their Congressional representatives for National Action Week, March 22-26. If you participated, please be sure to let us know who you reached out to and what happened. Send us an email at Our advocacy efforts are ongoing. Read about what's at stake here.

Advocates, tell LE&RN your advocacy story here!

LE&RN welcomes newest Chapter: LE&RN Colombia

LE&RN Colombia was launched in March. Read more about the Colombia Chapter on the Chapter webpage.