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Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, monthly e-news from LE&RN, May 2020

Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, monthly e-news from LE&RN, May 2020

LE&RN is headed to D.C. — virtually

Like the world-at-large, our work has changed as a result of the global health crisis. But LE&RN's agenda is not on hold and we believe our mission is more important than ever. While we cannot physically meet with representatives in D.C. as we have in the past, we will be holding a series of conference calls, which will include patient representatives from every state and district, a lymphatic researcher, a medical practitioner, and a person from industry. Our agenda is critical to furthering LE&RN's mission and remains unchanged:

  • the establishment of a Lymphatic Commission to definitively state the need for lymphatic research throughout the National Institutes of Health.

  • lymphatic-related medical research proposals must be accepted by the Department of Defense 

  • a CDC lymphatic disease awareness campaign

  • passage of the Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA)

And we need YOU there with us!

This is your agenda and your voice is critical to its success! As hundreds of other activists have done, we are asking you to visit LE&RN's Congressional Stories webpage and share your story with us there. Stories can and should be short (200 words or fewer) and can be from those struggling with LE and LD or their family members. These will be printed and presented to every legislator before our conference calls to Capitol Hill. Our thanks to mediUSA, Impedimed, and Sigvaris for their sponsorship and leadership in this effort.


Run/Walks to Fight LE & LD are now virtual

Many LymphWalks that had been scheduled are now taking place solely online and those events are extended through the end of the year. So wherever you are, sign up to run or walk with us, fundraise, and donate. Share your photos and videos on social media. Use the hashtags #LymphWalk and #RaceInPlace. We can still come together as a community and make a difference.


LE&RN COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidelines available

In conjunction with the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) in the UK, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidelines for the Lymphatic Disease Community remains available as a free download on our website.


LE&RN-funded research in the news

Dr. Esak Lee, a 2016 LE&RN Fellow, is in the news for his lymphedema research. Fellowships and other research awards funded by LE&RN Supporting Members are critical in furthering our understanding of LE and LD, developing new treatments, and ultimately finding cures.


Visit LE&RN's Virtual Expo

LE&RN's Virtual Expo was created to allow individuals affected by LE and LD to see products and services designed for them -- just as they would at a conference center expo, but conveniently offered on-line. This idea suddenly takes on great importance in this time of social distancing. Visit LE&RN'S Virtual Expo today, and see what it can offer you -- without ever leaving home.


Facebook fundraising continues

We appreciate the continued robust conversation, shares, and fundraising on LE&RN's Facebook page during this time. Thank you.


LE&RN Supporting Membership

LE&RN's Supporting Members are the reason LE&RN can continue to pursue our shared mission. To our committed Supporting Members, we thank you for staying the course. If you are not yet a Supporting Member, we need you to join the fight, now more than ever.