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Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, News from LE&RN, February 2020

Lymphedema & Lymphatic Disease Matters, News from LE&RN, February 2020

photo: Hendrick’s Chapel and the Hall of Languages at Syracuse University lit teal for World Lymphedema Day 2019; photo credit: Amanda Henrie; an initiative of the LE&RN New York Chapter, led by Chapter Secretary Lisa McPartland.

World Lymphedema Day marks fifth anniversary on March 6

World Lymphedema Day was first officially recognized in 2016, by the U.S. Senate and by the New York State legislature. Since then, countless governmental bodies throughout the United States and around the world have recognized the day, all led by grassroots activists. Check out this year's World Lymphedema Day map to see what's happening and to add your own event. We are also excited to be offering access to the e-book Understanding Lymphedema: Keeping the Train on Track by Dhruv Singhal, M.D.; illustrated by Megan Belanger, LMT, CMT; with a foreword by LE&RN Spokesperson Kathy Bates, as well as a discount code for the 2020 #LymphWalk series. Keep an eye on LE&RN e-mails as well as social media posts for details next week.

DC Lobby Day and DC Walk & Rally to Fight LE & LD

Join LE&RN as we lobby for change in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the 10 million Americans who live with lymphedema and lymphatic disease. We'll meet at our nation's Capitol on Friday, March 27, and talk with lawmakers about research, awareness, and funding. No experience is necessary but we need your voice.

All Lobby Day registrants will receive an invitation to a reception at a local hotel to be held on Thursday, March 26 from 6:30pm-9:30pm. This event will be hosted by ImpediMed and medi USA. RSVPs for the reception are needed by March 20 so please register for Lobby Day soon if you'd like to attendLE&RN Ambassador Cam Ayala of The Bachelorette will speak at the reception.

The day after Lobby Day, March 28, we'll gather at the Lincoln Memorial for the third annual DC Walk & Rally to Fight Lymphedema (LE) & Lymphatic Diseases (LD). Register for both events at

Pictured here: Veronica Seneriz, Chair, Texas Chapter, at the DC #LymphWalk

New York State Lobby Day

LE&RN representatives and members (pictured here) met with New York State lawmakers on February 25, in Albany to discuss several critical initiatives in the state including enforcing the LE education bill that mandates all hospital institutions provide LE information to at-risk patients, passing a comprehensive LE treatment insurance bill, funding research fellowships at top New York State institutions seeking cures and new treatments for LE and LD, funding LE&RN's annual education and Patient Registry bill, which will allow LE&RN to continue programming in 2020.

The New York State legislature also read and passed a resolution, written by LE&RN, honoring LE/LD advocate Deborah Carey, a New York State resident who is a cancer survivor living with LE. She and her husband Jim have provided clear and strong voices for the LE/LD community and have spearheaded key fundraising efforts to advance LE&RN’s mission.

We thank all those who attended and made this day a success.

NCCN updates breast cancer guidelines to provide early lymphedema screening

This update from the National Comprehensive Care Network (NCCN) follows requests from LE&RN, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, and the American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation to the NCCN to recommend early surveillance with ImpediMed’s BIS test. This would enable detection of subclinical breast cancer-related lymphedema.Read more here.

Texas Chapter of LE&RN celebrates five years!

Happy 5th Anniversary to the LE&RN TX Chapter. This Chapter is not only among LE&RN's first Chapters, but it is also one of the most active. Join them as they celebrate World Lymphedema Day in San Antonio on March 6. See the LE&RN Texas Facebook page for details on this and for more information about this wonderful Chapter.

LE&RN supports Rare Disease Day, February 29

Held the last day of February each year, World Rare Disease Day is an annual observance to raise awareness for 400 million people affected by rare disease globally. #RareDiseaseDay

Dr. Ahmed Sawaby, 12th Breast Gynecological & Immunooncology International Cancer Conference

Watch Dr. Ahmed Sawaby, LE&RN Egypt Chapter Chair, at BGICC 2020, the 12th Breast Gynecological & Immunooncology International Cancer Conference, the largest and most prestigious cancer conference in Africa and the Middle East. Dr. Sawaby graciously thanks LE&RN at the end of his video interview. 

Visit LE&RN's Virtual Expo

LE&RN's Virtual Expo brings together companies that offer products and services to the lymphedema, lipedema, and lymphatic disease communities. These companies offer videos on a variety of topics. Check out LE&RN'S Virtual Expo today.

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