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More than just a Walk, by Jill Labiosa

More than just a Walk, by Jill Labiosa

To all of you who have supported me on this journey, today was more than just a walk across a bridge. It was a walk of confidence and hope that one day a cure will be found, so people like me will not have to suffer ever again from lymphatic disease.

I dedicate today's Walk to my Mama Audrey, who worried about me every single day of her life, and never could understand how her daughter could just wake up one day with a swollen leg, and live in constant pain and fear. She took that to her grave. But today I know she was up there smiling down, for several reasons.

The first being that when I developed this condition 35 years ago no one knew what it was. This was before internet and social media, never mind finding a doctor knowledgeable enough to treat this. Now there are thousands of people walking in unison to raise awareness for a disease that was once so exclusive to me it was "The "Jill Disease." Now I'm sharing it with 10 million other people? Wow!

She would be grateful to this amazing organization, The Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LER&N), for bringing this disease to the forefront and giving hope to all those who suffer with this debilitating condition.

Love and miss you Mama. I know that you were looking down and feeling so proud! ‪#‎Lymphwalk‬

There is still time to donate to Jill's efforts; just visit her fundraising page here.