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National Action Week, August 17-21, 2020

National Action Week, August 17-21, 2020

Join forces with other LE&RN activists as we organize to call and email our representatives to change the lives of those living with LE and LD. From August 17 through August 21, we'll convince Congress to support two key goals:

  • Establish a National Lymphatic Commission: Our relentless advocacy has led to the House of Representatives Health Appropriations Committee recommending that a National Lymphatic Commission be established. This is a monumental accomplishment and our best opportunity to see a dramatic expansion of lymphatic research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

  • Include “Lymphatic Research” in the FY 2021 Department of Defense (DOD) Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) budget: The DOD spends over $300 million per year on medical research. We are fighting for lymphatic diseases to be included as a category eligible for study in the program. We are making the case that lymphatic diseases disproportionately affect active duty service members due to physical trauma, bacterial infections, burn pit exposure, and complications from cancer treatment.

Visit for more information on this initiative. There you can access An American Tragedy: Neglected Lymphatic Diseases, a moving online book that contains the stories of over 200 activists living with LD. Every member of Congress will receive a copy of this extraordinary book.

How to participate:

  • Register for a free webinar, taking place online Tuesday, August 11, at 2pm. It will be led by our consultants in DC and will prepare all members of our community to be effective virtual activists.

  • Call and/or email your two Senators and your Congressional representative. Details, including legislator contact information, call scripts, and sample emails, can be found here. (We'll go over all of this during the August 11 webinar.)

  • Let us know what happened! Just fill out this easy online form. We'll be following up with Congress to ensure that we are successful in making LE and LD research a national priority.

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