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Attention lymphatic researchers: We need your help to create a lymphatic researcher database for NIH

Attention lymphatic researchers: We need your help to create a lymphatic researcher database for NIH

Dear Lymphatic Researcher,

As I said in the e-mail that kicked off this series, without a Lymphatic Institute or Center at NIH, there is no single clearinghouse for lymphatic research. Instead of answering requests for lymphatic research proposals, many apply for grants focused on the broad continuum of lymphatic-related diseases such as diabetes (NIDDK), cardiovascular issues (NHLBI), rheumatoid arthritis (NIAMS), immune response (NIAID) or cancer metastasis (NCI), to name just a few.
This leaves NIH with a narrow grasp of what lymphatic research is being done overall, or even what lymphatic specific research is being done within the entire NIH. 
NIH staff are aware of this issue thanks to the time they have spent with LE&RN. They are also interested in doing something about this. The next step is up to you.
The more than 100 researcher signatories who signed our LE&RN's petition to Congress and NIH asking for increases to lymphatic research funding have played a key role in this new wave of interest. We need to continue our momentum.
LE&RN has proposed, and NIH has accepted, that we provide a list of ALL lymphatic researchers and their institutions, along with brief summaries of their research focus. We will provide hard copies of this document to every NIH Institute. In addition, LE&RN will build a webpage that has all of this information, including a link to each researcher’s PubMed webpage. We will make this searchable by name and by institution. It will also be searchable by topic.
We need NIH to see the breadth of lymphatic research being pursued and the wealth of lymphatic researchers throughout the world. We need to drastically increase NIH lymphatic research funding. First, NIH must become aware of the opportunity.
Please submit the following by replying to this email at

  • Name

  • Institution

  • Brief summary of research focus (two to three sentences)

  • Pub Med weblink

Thanks for your advocacy and activism.
Best regards,

William Repicci
LE&RN President & CEO