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Travel Award recipient thanks LERN for the opportunity to share research

Travel Award recipient thanks LERN for the opportunity to share research

My name is Patrick Crosswhite. I received my Ph.D. in cardiovascular physiology and currently I work at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City, OK.

My research interests include identifying new genes that impact vascular development. We recently generated a new mutation that results in severe edema and blood-filled lymphatic vessels, two classical malfunctions seen in lymphatic disease. I am relatively new to the lymphatic research community but after reading up on lymphatic biology, it quickly became obvious to me how little is understood about lymphatics compared to blood vessels.

The LE&RN Travel Award allowed me to attend the NIH symposium “The Third Circulation: Lymphatics as Regulators in Health and Diseases.” This was a great opportunity to showcase my project to other scientists involved in lymphatic research and, as a result, I gained valuable feedback and ideas for moving forward. The symposium also provided an amazing perspective on the progress made within the lymphatic research community, the areas that still need to be addressed, and how that knowledge can be applied to benefit those suffering from lymphatic-related diseases.

So thank you LE&RN for the support and opportunity to share my project with others in the lymphatic research community!

Patrick Crosswhite, Ph.D.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Courtney Griffin's Lab