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PRESS RELEASE: LE&RN announces newly designated Comprehensive Centers of Excellence (COEs)

PRESS RELEASE: LE&RN announces newly designated Comprehensive Centers of Excellence (COEs)

Five institutions added to COEs in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphatic Diseases

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NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 16, 2021 / -- LE&RN has announced its newly designated LE&RN Comprehensive Centers of Excellence in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Lymphatic Diseases. These institutions now join other Comprehensive Centers around the globe. In the coming weeks, institutions that will receive the designations Surgery Center, Network Center, Referral Network Center, and Conservative Care Center will also be announced.

The newly designated LE&RN Comprehensive Centers of Excellence (all services provided within the same institution):

• Cleveland Clinic
• Nemours Children's Hospital Delaware (Comprehensive Pediatric Center of Excellence)
• Penn Center for Lymphatic Diseases and Lymphedema
• University of Michigan
• The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (Comprehensive Cancer Center of Excellence)

LE&RN’s Global Oversight Committee continues to take on the challenge of rigorously vetting applications to guarantee compliance with strict standards. Led by Professor Peter Mortimer (St. George's, University of London, UK) and Melissa Aldrich, Ph.D. (UT Health, TX), the Oversight Committee includes fourteen additional lymphatic disease experts from Sweden, the Netherlands, Taiwan, France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“It is a good day for the lymphatic disease community,” said William Repicci, President & CEO of LE&RN. “I thank and congratulate all who have played a role in this achievement, especially the Global Oversight Committee which is providing this community with an incredible service.”

The LE&RN Centers of Excellence website contains links to these institutions as well as more information about the program and standards. LE&RN welcomes hearing from patient advocates who utilize the services of these institutions and who would be willing to serve on Affiliate Boards which will work with LE&RN and the Institutions on standards compliance and advancement in care.

Patients can help by completing the patient survey at after visiting a COE and by offering time to an Affiliate Board by emailing LE&RN at

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