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Providing Holistic Lymphedema Treatment

Providing Holistic Lymphedema Treatment

Selina Oelberg, of Tennessee, is a 2014 LE&RN/Lymph Notes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship recipient. Selina practiced massage therapy for 14 years prior to returning to occupational therapy school. She continues to practice massage therapy on weekends and is currently in clinical rotations for occupational therapy. She’ll earn her Masters of Occupational Therapy from the College of Allied Health Services, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, in May of 2015.

First-Hand Experience
“I have received MLD [manual lymph drainage] for chronic edema in my lower extremities and have seen first-hand how beneficial it is,” Selina told LE&RN. Since this practicing therapist has seen the benefits of therapy work on herself, she is convinced that this technique allows a patient to live life in a more healthy and positive way.

A Path to a Fuller Life for Patients
“These classes will help me to provide my patients a better quality of life,” Selina said. “These treatments, which I’ll be in training to provide, can decrease edema, allowing increased range of motion and strength.”

Selina believes that therapy will help her patients live a healthier life by enabling them to get to an increased level of functioning, so that they are able to participate in healthy activities such as walking and running.

“I look forward to combining my skills as a massage therapist with my occupational therapy career in order to provide holistic treatments for patients,” said Selina. 

Bridging a Gap between Massage and Traditional Medicine
Selina intends to further her education, training, and skills to bridge a gap between massage and traditional medicine. She plans to practice massage alongside occupational therapy in either a hospital or in rehabilitation setting. Currently she practices trigger point and myofascial release therapy and would also like to learn lymphatic drainage. 

Selina will attend the Norton School of Lymphatic Drainage MLD/CDT course in Nashville, TN from April 18-26, 2015. Congratulations Selina on winning the LE&RN/Lymph Notes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship. Please keep us posted on your progress.