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Renewed Call to Lymphatic Researchers to serve on NIH Study Sections

Renewed Call to Lymphatic Researchers to serve on NIH Study Sections

Dear Lymphatic Researcher,

One of the longstanding requests of lymphatic researchers is that NIH Study Sections reviewing lymphatic grant applications include reviewers with an expertise in the associated area of lymphatics. LE&RN has been working with NIH to address this dynamic. We received a very positive response from NIH Scientific Review Officers (SROs).

Last year, NIH asked LE&RN to poll its members for those interested in volunteering to serve on NIH Study Sections. Twenty lymphatic researchers applied through LE&RN and four of our researchers have since served on a grant review committee. We are renewing our call for applicants willing to serve. 

NIH has identified the following three Study Sections that review lymphatic grant proposals.

  • Hypertension and Microcirculation (HM) study section reviews applications dealing with the propulsion of lymph, lymphatic tone, and pathogenesis of lymphedema with more focus on functional studies; sometimes also reviews applications about the lymphatic system in infection and inflammation. It depends upon the outcome of research, namely, about lymphatics or infection.

  • Immunity and Host Defense (IHD) and Innate Immunity and Inflammation (III) study sections may review applications that address lymphatic role in infection.

  • Cardiovascular Differentiation and Development (CDD) study section reviews applications involving lymphatic development, lymphangiogenesis and lymphedema focusing on structure 

If you are willing to serve on one of the above-identified NIH Study Sections, please respond to this e-mail with the following information:

  • Name

  • Affiliation

  • Study Section(s) on which you are willing to serve

  • In 25 words or less, your qualifications for each Study Section selected

  • Include CV

It is understood that investigators will not be able to review their own research or research on which they are collaborators. However, this does not prevent your research from being reviewed by the study section. Per NIH: If a researcher is on a study section and has an application, their application is reviewed by a special emphasis panel. This is a common practice that happens all the time.  This should not be an obstacle to joining a study section.

I am hoping you take advantage of this opportunity. As one researcher so aptly said, “It doesn’t work if we don’t serve.”

Best regards,

William Repicci
LE&RN President & CEO


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