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Meet Stacey Sing, LE&RN/Lymph Notes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship Winner

Meet Stacey Sing, LE&RN/Lymph Notes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship Winner

We asked Stacey Sing, a LE&RN/Lymph Notes Lymphedema Therapist Scholarship winner, to tell us more about why she went into therapy, why she is particularly interested in lymphedema therapy, and what winning the LE&RN/Lymph Notes scholarship will mean to her and to her patients.

What made you choose a career in therapy?
I have seen how many lives therapy has changed. I am excited to increase my skill set to provide the best care to my future patients by allowing me to do my very best for them.

Why have you chosen to make lymphedema therapy a focus in your work?
This certification is so well designed and in-depth that I had to take the opportunity to learn more. Throughout my life since a young child, I have seen many people that suffer with this. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it was something that made them struggle with things as simple as walking or putting on clothing. It wasn't until I had a patient that suffered with this that made me want to not sit back and deal with this as a "static" approach. I want to make a difference and, with this knowledge, I will.

How will this LE&RN scholarship help you to help your patients?
This scholarship from LE&RN has removed a huge financial barrier for me and my family to be allotted this opportunity to service my community and become a future advocate for this field.

What are your hopes for the future, for yourself, your patients, and for the field of lymphedema and lymphatic disease treatment?
In the future, I hope I am able to continue to grow in knowledge and turn many frowns into smiles for my patients with this certification. I want to be part of and see more public awareness and advancement for lymphedema management on a larger platform for people to easily seek the help they need and know they are not alone with this condition. I desire that healthcare practitioners become more knowledgeable about lymphedema management practices and/or get certified to help their patients find solutions to manage their condition. 

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