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The Lipedema Worldwide Summit 2016

The Lipedema Worldwide Summit 2016

June is Lipedema Awareness Month. Do you have questions about lipedema? During the Summit, over 8 days, 40 Experts will discuss diagnosis and treatment as well as current research being conducted. Lipedema ladies will also share stories of their lipedema journey. If you have lipedema, or think you might, honestly, would you really want to miss this kind of opportunity, from the comfort of your own home, with your legs elevated (or with your pump treatment happening), and with a nice cup of tea?

The Lipedema Worldwide Summit 2016 is the first ONLINE, GLOBAL and FREE Summit featuring experts such as Dr. Stanley Rockson, Dr Josef Stutz, Dr Stefan Rapprich, Dr David Amron, Dr Donald Buck, Linda-Anne Kahn, with special guests Dr Mark Smith, Prof Etelka Földi, Mark Ravis, MD, JD both a primary care physician and attorney on insurance coverage, and Dr Young Ki Shim on stem cell treatment for lymphedema, and of course, many lipedema ladies to share their challenges and successes.

For info & registration (at NO COST), visit Lipedema WORLDWIDE Summit 2016.

The Summit will broadcast June 19-26. The entire summit is available FREE. There's a special offer though if you would like to own the podcasts, and for the first 75 who register and take advantage of the download package for a seriously low price, there is also an invitation to a live Q&A session about how to get insurance coverage.

We are so excited about the quality, commitment and caring of all of those who are participating in the Summit and can hardly wait to share it all with you.

I am also thrilled to be co-hosting with Bill Repicci, Exec Director of LE&RN (Lymphatic Education & Research Network), the top global organization on Lymphatic diseases. Bill is at the leading edge on all things related to lymphatic disorders. He will share more about the breakthrough work being done through LE&RN as well.

Join us for this very unique opportunity at the online Lipedema WORLDWIDE Summit 2016.

Warmest wishes,
Catherine & Bill

Catherine Seo, PhD & Bill Repicci, Executive Director, LE&RN