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Top fundraiser, Andrea Weinreb, talks about how (and why) it’s done

Andrea Weinreb is once again a top fundraiser for the NYC Walk to Fight Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases.

At the 2014 Walk, Andrea spoke about why she puts so much effort into fundraising for lymphatic disease education, research, and advocacy -- and she talked about how she has been so successful. (Watch Andrea at last year's Walk above.)

"When you have lymphedema, you feel that you are very much alone," Andrea said at last year's Walk. "People hide it. So, when you are out in public, you don't see people bandaged; you don't see people wearing compression garments. So, to attend an event like this, it makes you realize that you are not alone."

Using Social Media and Donations -- Of All Sizes -- From Near and Far

"I'd love to raise tens of thousands of dollars, but I did raise raise several thousand," Andrea said. "I think the power of social media, friends and family from far away donated, some significantly, some a little bit, and I think everything just adds up."

Andrea is currently the #2 fundraiser for this year's Walk and she has the most donors -- an incredible 55 people behind her efforts at last count.

Thank you Andrea for your efforts and for sharing your success story with us. See you on the Bridge!

Donate to Andrea's fundraising totals here. Or form your own team.