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LE&RN welcomes Dame Judi Dench to Honorary Board

LE&RN welcomes Dame Judi Dench to Honorary Board

Above photo credit: Sarah Dunn

Dear LE&RN Supporting Members and Community,

Estimable Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench joined LE&RN's Honorary Board this week and we invite the LE&RN community to welcome her.

Dame Judi first became aware of lymphedema when her friend, photojournalist Gemma Levine, developed LE following cancer treatment. Levine had taken iconic portraits of a generation of British royalty and celebrities, of which Dench was one. Levine's portrait of Dench appears at right.

So when Levine reached out to Dr. Peter Mortimer to co-author the definitive book on lymphedema, Dame Judi was the first to offer a testimonial tribute to the effort.

The book, Let's Talk Lymphoedema (Lymphedema) was published last month courtesy of a grant from Juzo. LE&RN Spokesperson Kathy Bates and I were both pleased to contribute chapters to this seminal work, which is now available for free to new Sponsor-level Supporting Members of LE&RN.

Following her support of the book, Dench asked what else she could do to help this cause. She made good on that offer by joining LE&RN's Honorary Board.

We welcome Dame Judi and thank her for using her celebrity to promote needed awareness of lymphatic diseases that affect over 150 million people worldwide. 


William Repicci
President & CEO, LE&RN

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