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World Health Organization announces 2018 World Health Day campaign

Dear World Lymphedema Day Advocates,

As you know, we have been advocating for the World Health Organization to make "Lymphedema Awareness and Cures" its focus in 2018. They have just announced that this year will be dedicated to "Universal Health." Well, that's a step in the right direction, since the treatment for LE and LD is paramount worldwide.

We received the news thanks to our Canadian Chapter Chair, Steve Kelland, who is never daunted by obstacles. And neither are we. WHO suggested that perhaps we would do better to focus on neglected tropical diseases and create a Neglected Tropical Disease Day instead. Winning a war means first understanding the obstacles. Indeed, filariasis and podoconiosis would fit under their suggested title. But WHO's suggestion also shows a lack of awareness of the number of people who suffer from lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases that are indeed neglicated, but are not tropical.

We will continue our fight and will now be calling for WHO to make "LD Awareness & Cures" their focus for 2019. Join us by signing the petition.





William Repicci
President & CEO, LE&RN