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Young Investigator Spotlight: Noelia Escobedo

Young Investigator Spotlight: Noelia Escobedo

While attending the Gordon Research Conference: Molecular Mechanisms in Lymphatic Function and Disease in March of this year, I was able to discuss my current research work with renowned scientists in the lymphatic field. The conference also provided me with unique opportunities to know and directly interact with postdoctoral colleagues, foster potential collaborations, and discuss science in an encouraging atmosphere.

Since joining Dr. Guillermo Oliver’s lab, I have been primarily working on two goals: First, I am attempting to identify new genes that participate in the formation of the lymphatic vasculature during development. Second, I am trying to understand how lymphatic vessels contribute to adipogenesis and obesity in Prox1 mice.

I sincerely thank LE&RN’s supporters for the financial assistance provided to me and to my research, and also for their general contributions and to the lymphatic science. Researchers today struggle to find funding for their important work, and I am grateful that this organization provides so much needed support as we work to find the answers to the questions that, at the moment, continue to elude us.

In the future, I hope to contribute to the field with a new understanding of lymphatic system development in order to assist in developing innovative therapies for lymphatic diseases.