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Zebrafish Disease Models 2017 Conference

Zebrafish Disease Models 2017 Conference

Zebrafish Disease Models 2017 conference (ZDM10) will be held August 5-8 in San Diego.  ZDM10 is the premier international gathering of research scientists from all over the world. Researchers gather together to share scientific results in their specific fields. Top scientists involved directly with ZDM10 include Dr. Stephen Ekker, PhD, Mayo Clinic; Dr. Joan Heath, PhD, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research of Melbourne, Australia; and Dr. Jeroen den Hertog, PhD of Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands, among many others.

Top research scientists will lead this prestigious conference of attendees from Asia, Europe, North America, and India.

Researchers will share their insights and expertise in the fields of cancer, genetics, genomics, metabolism, toxicology, infection, and inflammation, as well as hematology, cardiac, skeletal, and skeletal muscle. Each year draws more attendance and the 2017 conference promises to be the biggest conference in the 10 years of its existence.

To register and submit an abstract, please visit  The deadline for abstract submission is April 18.