The Face of Lymphedema Challenge!

Description: Take the Face of Lymphedema Challenge. Join us at and visit us at We challenge you. And we ask you to join us as we tell the world: "I have lymphedema!" For too long, lymphedema has been kept in the dark, keeping sufferers silent and leading to a lack of funding for research and support. In September of 2014, at the 5th Annual Walk for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Diseases, Academy-Award winning actress Kathy Bates stepped forward to kick off the Face of Lymphedema Challenge. In this new effort, we are asking all those who have lymphedema, and those who love them, to step forward and announce on video, "I have lymphedema" or "Someone I love has lymphedema." Send your video clip to LE&RN at Then, challenge friends and family members to do the same. They'll have 24 hours to make a similar video and send it to LE&RN. In lieu of completing the challenge, those nominated to participate are asked to become members of LE&RN at just $5/month to support ongoing research, education, and advocacy efforts. Become a member here. Join us as we challenge each other to step forward, shed light on this disease, and raise needed funding to ease the suffering of millions.